How to Increase Breast Size

There are many women nowadays who are not happy with the size of their breasts. Although breast size does not dictate whether a woman is feminine or attractive, having a smaller bust can cause women to have very low self-esteem and lack in confidence. Part of this is due to them trying to live up to the values and body shapes of celebrities and public figures promoted, paraded and praised in the media.

If they have been teased about their breast size, this will only fuel their desire further. They would love to know how to increase their breast size without surgery. That is the key, because a large number of women take the shortcut and have breast augmentation surgery believing that it is the only way to obtain bigger breasts and a curvier figure.

 If you are one of those women that believe that surgery is the only option – think again! There are 4 different methods that we will discuss one by one in the following paragraphs.

How To Increase Your Breast Size Using Natural Herbal Supplements

Bust Boom capsule bottleOf all the methods mentioned in this article, this is perhaps the most popular. There are herbal supplements available, usually made from powerful, natural ingredients like red clover, saw palmetto and fenugreek. It may seem too good to be true, but many women have experienced growth in their breasts from taking these supplements.

The reason is that they help stimulate increasing and balancing the many hormones involved including estrogen that in turn will encourage breasts to grow.  Herbal Breast Enhancement is for You

How To Increase Breast Size Using Topical Breast Cream

Triactol serum bottleThe second option is another pain free way to avoid surgery, while enhancing the look and increasing the size of your breasts is by using breast enhancing topical cream.

Although it includes similar ingredients to herbal supplements, as it is a cream it is rubbed directly onto the breasts and absorbed where it’s needed into the blood stream.

As well as increasing the size of your breasts over time, using the cream will also improve the feel and look of them.

How To Increase Breast Size Using Breast Exercise And Massage

Girl doing breast exercises-book coverAs with anything connected to the look and feel of our bodies, exercise can help to enhance the look and feel of your breasts.

To start with there’s the standard female push-up that targets and tightens the muscle behind the breasts to help them to become perkier and have more lift. This exercise will not have any effect on the actual breast tissue that makes breasts increase in size.

To complement the push-ups, you could use massage by rubbing your breasts in a circular motion with either your hands or your fingertips. This has been known in some women to effectively encourage growth and also improves blood circulation. Increase your breast size with massage.

How To Increase Breast Size Using Breast Pumps

Breast enlargement pump kitThe least effective method of all the different treatments available is using breast pumps.

The theory behind the use of breast pumps to increase the size of breasts is that the suction stretches the breast tissue which stimulates them and encourages them to grow.

Although the theory is sound and makes sense, in practise it just does not provide as satisfying results as the other three methods. It is worth trying, though it could be frustrating as the results are not satisfying.

We hope that the information above has helped to show you the alternatives to plastic surgery. If however, you still want to go under the knife, at least you are making a more informed decision. However, if you are looking for effective, less expensive and safer methods of increasing your breasts naturally then the above are sure to get you what you want.

While you may have reasonable results using any of the methods on their own, the results will be improved greatly if you incorporate all four methods. By taking the herbal supplements, applying the topical breast cream, using the breast pump, massaging and exercising your breasts have the best chance possible to increase in size, as well as look and feel.

While breast size isn’t the only thing that defines a confident and attractive woman, many women experience a surge in how they feel about themselves when they see the great results and have the bust of their dreams.

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